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Certified Quality Management
ISO 13485 
ISO 9001 
FDA Registered

Injection Molding of Custom Designed Plastic Components

Before contacting us, our customer had been producing molds from silicone using urethane split molds. This process was extremely laborious and as a result, very costly. By switching to injection molded TPU, we were able to save the customer significant amounts of time and money. During the development process, multiple materials were tested before deciding on Pellethane TPU. We provided research and development support as well as sustained engineering support through the life of the project. At Marman Industries our team of design, engineering, and manufacturing professionals can solve complex injection molding challenges. The injection molding process can often provide significant cost savings over other molding process or machined parts for products of sufficient volume. The femoral molds and tibia molds highlighted here are used to mold medicated bone cement which is used in knee replacement surgery applications. Each mold is manufactured from Pellethane TPU and is produced in three different sizes.

Design assistance was provided throughout the development process to ensure the injection molded design met all of the customer's requirements while staying within injection molding design parameters. High quality molds and tooling were fabricated in house using EDM, CNC milling, and surface grinding equipment. The finished TPU bone molds are manufactured to within tolerances of ± 0.015" for plastic components and have a SPI B3 surface finish. Molds are manufactured in our clean room facility that has undergone bio-burden testing to customer specifications. Approximately 50,000 of each size of these molds are produced annually. Weekly deliveries of these parts are made to our customer in Utah. For additional details regarding this custom injection molding project, see the table below, or contact us directly.


Injection Molded, Custom Designed, Plastic Component Project Details

Project/Product Name

Femoral Mold, 3 Sizes

Tibia Mold, 3 Sizes

Project/Product Description

Injection molding parts that are molds for medicated bone cement for knee replacement surgery

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Primary: Mold Building, Injection Molding, Contract Manufacturing

Secondary: Validation, Packaging, Design Transfer

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Molds: EDM, CNC Milling, Surface Grinders
Parts and Assemblies: Injection Molding Machine

Overall Part Dimensions

  • Femoral: 3" Long, 2.5" Wide, 2" Tall

  • Tibia: 1.5" Long, 3.5" Wide, 2.5" Tall

Tightest Tolerances

+/-.015 Plastic, +/-.0005 Steel

Material Used

TPU, Pellethane

Material Finish


In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

AQL Sampling

Industry for Use

Medical Orthopedic


Up to 50k Each Size / Year

Delivery/Turnaround Time

Weekly Deliveries

Delivery Location


Standards Met

ISO 13485, FDA Registration

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